Wood Furniture Repair

Wood RepairDo you remember what your wood furniture looked like when it was new?  Warm tones.  Gorgeous grain.  Wood furniture is a lovely accent for many homes, but like anything else it’s subject to wear and tear.  Normal use can cause wooden furniture to become wobbly or unstable.  Scuffs, dings, scratches, stains, and cracks all detract from wood’s natural beauty.  Not to mention the occasional wooden chair leg used by a family pet as a chew toy!  Nothing detracts for a beautiful piece of hardwood furniture like visual damage.

Don’t Replace it – Repair your Wood Furniture

Fortunately, you don’t need to replace your favorite wood furniture.  Dings, scrapes, cracks, and even pet chews can often be repaired, saving you hundreds over replacing your favorite wooden chairs, tables, and other furniture.

Wood Furniture Repair

The Wood and Leather Doctor has been repairing wood furniture for over 20 years.  We can perform most touch ups and minor repairs right in your home.  And if it’s a larger wood furniture repair job, our shop has everything we need to restore your furniture to like-new condition.

Dog “Chew Toy” Example

On the left, an over-enthusiastic dog turned this curio cabinet into his chew toy.  With wooden pieces missing, you might be tempted to simply replace the unit.  The owner reached out to us to see if we could save the cabinet.

On the right is the repaired piece. Even under careful inspection, it’s difficult to see that there was ever a problem with this furniture.  The unit was restored to like-new condition.  The customer was happy not to have to replace the unit, and saved hundreds by having it repaired rather than replaced.

Wood Furniture Repair Services

The Wood and Leather Doctor can restore your damaged wood furniture to like-new.  Services include:

  • Chips/Gouges/Scratches
  • Loose or broken chairs
  • Chew marks (pet and baby)
  • White Rings
  • Broken cabinet doors
  • Broken or poorly working drawers
  • Fills and color replacement
  • Cosmetic damage to banisters, wood trim, hardwood floors

“I have used the services of Wood and Leather Doctor many times over the past 10 years and always with suburb results. Complex leather issues and wood issues have become unblemished furniture. I will of course use this valuable service again.”
~ David A., Owner, Relax the Back, Cherry Hill NJ

Trust the Wood and Leather Doctor in South Jersey to repair your damaged wood furniture.  Call now to see how we can help restore your wood furniture to like-new condition.