Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Repair

Cabinet and drawer repair is not something we think about when rejuvenating our kitchens.  More often than not, we think about a complete renovation.  And we keep thinking about it because often it’s too expensive to replace our kitchens in order to make them look and function like new.

Renovate or Repair?

While kitchen renovations CAN cost tens of thousands of dollars, it’s not always the best option.    Sometimes it’s the “little things” that drive us crazy like that drawer that you have to pull too hard to get open.  Or that finish that’s been worn and scratched and stands out like a sore thumb.

Now imagine that those pain points were gone.  The drawer worked like it should.  The finish looked like new.  And that darned door didn’t slam shut every time!  Sound good?  Kitchen cabinet and drawer repair is an excellent and cost effective alternative to making your kitchen look and function like new.

Common Cabinet and Drawer Problems

Cabinet doors and drawers can take a beating.  They are the unsung heroes of your kitchen, and are often taken for granted.  At best, years of use can leave them looking old and tired.  At worst, loose doors or drawers can be a hazard.

The Wood and Leather Doctor can repair these common problems and more:

  • Broken drawer box or sagging drawer bottoms.
  • Broken cabinet doors.
  • Scratches and dings in the wood or finish.
  • Worn / stained finish.
  • Misaligned doors.
  • Sticky drawers (hard to open and/or close).
  • Loose door hinges.
  • Doors / drawers that bang when being closed.
  • Tarnished / loose / missing handles and other hardware.

“Andrew is a miracle worker. I’m a landlord and Andrew has repaired kitchen cabinets for me on multiple occasions. He repaired a cabinet that a dog had chewed up to like new condition when I though I would surely have to replace the whole thing. Every landlord needs to have Andrew on their list.”

 ~ Gennady G.

The Wood and Leather Doctor has more than 20 years repairing kitchen cabinets and drawers.  Call us to see how we can help you get many more years of use from your kitchen, without the exorbitant cost of renovating it.