Leather Jacket Repair

The Wood and Leather Doctor knows a thing or two about repairing leather jackets.  Leather jackets can be like good, old friends: They are there when you need them, they make you feel good, and … well … they get old.  A scratch here – a tear there.  After many years of use, your jacket may still feel great, but it doesn’t have that distinctive new leather look that you fell in love with so many years ago.  And like a good old friend, you’re loathe to simply replace it.

And for good reason.  We get it.  Not only is replacing a leather jacket expensive, it’s like throwing away an old friend – you just wouldn’t do that.

So, what is it we love about leather jackets?  Not only do they complement our personalities, they enhance it.  Each style has its own “air”, and connects its wearer to more than just their own personality.

Motorcycle Jackets

Leather Motorcycle jackets not only look great, they are practical.  In addition to being made from more rugged leather, they also tend to have more pockets, rugged fasteners & zippers, have options for ventilation and storm protection, and more.   As such, they are usually made to more stringent standards and need more attention when repairing these treasured leather jackets.

The “Moto” Jacket

The Moto jacket is a variation of the traditional Motorcycle jacket.  It shares much of the look of a Motorcycle jacket, but is more lightweight and without the safety features typically built into a traditional Motorcycle jacket.  If you like the look of a Motorcycle jacket but don’t like the bulk, this is a great choice.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets got their start during World War I, when Aviators needed protection from the elements in open cockpit aircraft.  They have a relaxed fit and adventurous look.  Leather Bomber jackets typically have a short, ribbed, elastic waist, with matching cuffs and collar – with a wide range of variations from the original.

Field Jackets

The Field jacket is typically loose-fitting, hip length, with zip or button front, and straight, clean lines.  Think more outdoorsy, laid-back, and rugged.  In light colors, these jackets have a cowboy air about them.

The list goes on.  Whichever your favorite, the leather jackets we love don’t just keep us warm.  The best leather jackets are absolutely a fashion statement and make us feel and look good.  While some wear and tear adds to their charm, you’ll want to keep them looking their best.   You want them to last a lifetime.

“I had a fairly large tear in a leather jacket that I initially sent to a local tailor to fix. They did a decent job for the price, but I wanted the imperfection to be as close to invisible as possible. I did a YouTube search and found a video of the exact same issue being repaired by the wood and leather doctor. I contacted him asking if he could repair the already repaired jacket. He responded very quickly, gave me call, and we set it up. I mailed the jacket out to his location. It took about a day to get there. He did the repair in about a day and sent it right back. He also sent me before and after pictures. Anyone who needs anything similar done should not hesitate to let Andrew do the work. I’m extremely pleased with how it came out. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, and the jacket is pretty much good as new. I’ll definitely use his services in the future should I need them.”

~Ray R.

When years of wear and tear take its toll on your favorite leather jacket, let the Wood and Leather Doctor repair your leather jacket and bring back its original look and shine to near-new condition.  For over 20 years, our leather jacket repair service has helped people keep their treasured leather jackets in good repair.  We can help you enjoy your leather jackets for years to come.  Contact us to set up an appointment or, if you live away from the Southern New Jersey area, give us a call to see about shipping it to us (average cost UPS is only around $10) for repair.